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Frequently asked questions

How many people does the boat carry?

We are certified to carry up to 36 passengers.

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Can we swim at night?


Will I be seated with people I dont know

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Where can we go?

Our typcial route is a coastal cruise along the Waikiki coastline. We depart from the Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor, then travel towards Diamond Head. For our swim charters, we anchor off an area called "the bite" rigth off Queens Beach. It's a peaceful quiet area with a sandy bottom about 20 feet deep. The draft of the Vida Mia does not permit going any closer to shore. For our sunset cruises, we take the same couse, but spend the last hour coasting back towards downtown Honolulu, which offers optimum view for the sunset and a nice relaxing return to the harbor with views of the Honolulu city lights and skyline.

How does your StayAboard program work?

Bareboat charter.

How do we reserve the boat?

You can reserve the boat here: [calendar of availability] Or by calling us at 808-746-VIDA.

Can we go to other islands

Can we Snorkel?

Although we offer masks on board for purchase (currently for sale due to COVID restrictions), we generally do not focus on snorkeling for the duration of the charter. The Vida Mia is a yacht that best enoyed in a more private area, which we find is a nice sandy spot off Waikiki Beach. There are many other vendors in the area that offer adventure tours. The main area for snorkeling in Waikiki tends to be very crowded and we find that anchoring off Queens is more optimal for a yacht experience. We are happy to reccomend some of our partners for a snorkeling adventure experience.

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