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Congratulations to Mila and Shien - Graduating Class of 2024! 🎓

It was an honor to be invited to the University of Montana’s graduation, hosted by the Pacific Islanders Club.

Hawai’i sure knows how to show up. Friends and family traveled thousands of miles to bear witness to these exemplary students receive their diplomas. There was not a dry eye in the house.

The Pacific Islanders Club has made quite an impact in the state of Montana. With sold out events, countless bake sales, fundraisers and luaus….they have touched a lot of lives and a lot of hearts. The University of Montana is lucky to have such a bright bunch of hardworking students.

These are the future leaders of our county because they lead with a spirit of inclusion. They work with the other indigenous communities in the area, offering friendship, fellowship and financial support. Cultural leaders from all over the state came to break bread with the students of this remarkable organization.

Every year, they raise enough money to take the entire club to Hawai’i every year- exposing some of their students who’ve weren’t born here to their island roots and cultural traditions. They’ve even help students with local leaders and long lost family members.

We’ve been a proud sponsor of the Pacific Islanders Club for the last four years. We are always honored when they take the time to cruise on the Vida Mia…they’ve been known to break up a coffee cruise or two with a full hula performance.

These students prove that hard work, persistence and kindness always pay off. 🌹💸

Mila, Ka’au and Aukai, it’s been a privilege. We look forward to many more moments like these and I thank you for letting the Vida Mia Crew become a part of your family.

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