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Things To Do in Waikiki for Early Risers

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

One of the biggest challenges for travelers coming from another time zone is finding a coffee place open early enough to get their fix. If you've laid awake in your hotel room at 4:45am wondering what to do when it's still dark out, we know your pain.

We thought we'd make your adjustment to island time a little bit easier. The Vida Mia and Honolulu Coffee Company have partnered up to offer you a new way to experience their delicious Kona Coffee. If you are looking for something different to do in Waikiki, you may want to make your way over to the Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor and have your coffee on a yacht instead.

Couple enjoying Honolulu coffee on a yacht

We set sail every morning at 7:00am and are back at the dock by 8:30am. We often see marine life on the way as we cruise along the beautiful Waikiki coastline- usually we are met by a pod of dolphins and a few sea turtles. It's a great way to see Hawaii and our guests always leave pretty happy. It's also a crew favorite (they fight for shifts). USA Today even voted us their 10 Best places to have breakfast in Waikiki. We even got to meet travel writer Marla Cimini, who came out to see it for herself. That was a fun day.

We meet so many cool people on our coffee cruises. We have a nice mix of visitors and local residents...early birds, traveling nurses and pilots, college students...There are even a few celebrities that have spent their mornings having coffee on the Vida. People like this cruise because it leaves ample time to plan other activities on the island. We decided to make the cruise 90 minutes long to leave enough time for our guests to make plans for the day - you will still have plenty of time to tour the island or get to work (that is, if you still want to go to work after spending your morning on a yacht).

We've got a lot of projects going on to keep this boat afloat and you can bet our crew goes through a lot of coffee. Honolulu Coffee Company is a such a cool local business. They roast their coffee right in Waikiki just a few blocks away from the Vida Mia. We give our guests free coffee coins on their way off the boat and to-go boxes for pastries if they want to stash a few treats for later. For our hard-core coffee connoisseurs that want to learn more about the beans used and the harvest and roasting process here on the islands, you can visit the Honolulu Coffee Company Experience Center at 1800 Kalakaua Ave. It's really close to the boat and it's a nice relaxing spot with tons of healthy breakfast and lunch choices, smoothies, free wifi, parking and ample seating. They roast the coffee right there in the store using a vintage Probat roaster built into the complex. Those freshly roasted batches make their way onto the Vida Mia just a few days later. Pretty cool.

getting here from your hotel

We are conveniently located near all the major hotels. We share the harbor with the nearby Prince Waikiki, Ilikai Hotel, and the Hilton Hawaiian Village. If you are staying at the Royal Hawaiian, Outrigger Waikiki or Sheraton Waikiki we are a short 10-15 minute walk along the beach. Many of our guests staying there take a morning stroll over to the harbor or rent a Biki bike at one of the kiosks. There is a nice bike path along the beach; you can catch it right at the end of Lewers Street. If you have time to spare, plan to take the scenic route and meander along the path at the Hale Koa Hotel.

Guests can book tickets direct through our website and we offer special pricing for children, military and kama'aina. Infants cruise free.

Hope to "sea" you soon!

Men and coffee on a yacht. It's a thing.

Enjoy stunning views of the Honolulu coastline as we cruise towards Diamond Head.

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