Meet the Crew

Captain Moose of the Vida Mia

Cpt. Zachary Moose

Managing Captain

Moose started traveling early in life. Driven by a passion for new experiences, he's backpacked, surfed, and sailed around the world. But he knew he was home the day he stepped on a boat for the first time.


He has crewed, captained, delivered, chartered, and rebuilt vessels around the world. He has over 60,000 nautical miles and carries h a USCG Master 100 Ton License.


Moose has a wonderful personality and is great with all of our guests, making sure everyone feels welcome on board.

Guy playing guitar on The Vida mia

Cpt. Amber Rose


Amber grew up in Green Harbor, Maryland and fell in love with the ocean over and over again as the years went by. 


Her Grandpa had a boat and was obsessed with the Mayflower Museum in Plymouth from the age of two. She has a love for history.


She moved to Hawaii to surf and fell in love with Waikiki. Amber is a PADI Scuba Instructor and a mother to 5 amazing humans, who she often brings on board with her to work.

Amber is a thoughtful, hardworking captain with a real passion for honing her maritime knowledge. 


Esteban Malcriado

First Mate


Esteban grew up in a Columbian Household in South Florida. He got out on the water with his mom at a young age when she worked as a dive instructor. He has sailed ships up and down both coasts of the United States.


He loves all kinds of classic boats but has a special place in his heart for tall ships. He began his Hawaii chapter as a way to pay forward what the ocean has given him and considers himself a steward for its protection. When he is not on Vida, he is out fishing or surfing.


Esteban is hard working, intelligent and has a wonderful has a wonderufl sense of humor. 


Gretchen Lindemann

Crew, Provisions Manager

Gretchen is from Estes Park, Colorado. She moved to Hawaii to follow her dreams of traveling and exploring the earth. She has an intense love and respect for the island, spending most of her free time hiking and sharing her adventures on social media.


She loves to free climb and enjoys her weekly yoga classes. Another passion of hers is music festivals. She loves connecting and meeting new people and experience all this beautiful earth has to offer. Gretchen loves children and is a natural caretaker. She is eager to learn and takes real pride in her work on the vessel.


Britney Nguyen


Birtney is our midwestern crew member. She came her to graduate from Iowa State University. 


James Morris



James works with us for the summer and we welcome him back to crew whenever he is home on the islands. He crews and races in his free time and is a real waterman. 

James is a great additoon to our crew.



Marine Mechanic


Guy playing guitar on The Vida mia





Guy playing guitar on The Vida mia




We all know who the real boss is. Luna is a shih tzu with no martimie expericne, no certifications


Steve Martin

Port Captain







Owner & Founder



Kekoa Olmos


Kekoa is from Kona, Hawaii. He worked as an usher in LA. 

1) I am from Kona, Hawaii and moved to Oahu at 1 years old. 


2) My first job was part time security for a check cashing bank in aiea. I then became a babysitter for 2 years. I moved to LA and worked as a usher for the Pantages theatre, and as a dishwasher for Bychloe a vegan restaurant in silver lake. 


3)I am born and raised in Hawaii and hapa or half Hawaiian, half European. I moved back from LA because Hawaii is peaceful and heals the soul. I felt that was needed after a long time awa in the concrete jungle.


4)I have a cat named Mochi and he is 6 and a half weeks old. He likes to hide under blankets, play tag and mirror his dad when I play video games he will play with his mouse toy. 


Interesting facts about me:

Deeply caring

Analytical and inquisitive


Able to read a room

Knows random facts (some species of stingray can launch themselves up to 6ft out the water)

Dreamer and philosopher 

Lofty goals

Cunning and good at finding solutions to issues

Poetic and romantic lust for life